What is

Thinksmart Whiteboard ?

Thinksmart Whiteboard is a Windows App that turns your Tablet PC into a shared whiteboard. It allows you to create a whiteboard on your computer screen, then allows other people to write onto your whiteboard, even if they are in another location!

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Itís absolutely free for 1-on-1 communication. No kidding!!

Remote Tutoring

Help your student solve a problem, without leaving your home !


Got an idea you want to share with the New York office? No problem !


Want to clarify a floorplan with your fellow architect? Easy !

Coming Soon to iOS Devices

There are lots of reasons to use Thinksmart Whiteboard

Youíll be up and running in less than 5 minutes!

After downloading, you will be writing ideas and getting creative in no time!

Absolutely Free

Saves you gas money

You no longer have to travel to a board room meeting to explain an idea. You can write things back and forth on the shared whiteboard.

You donít have to buy a Windows Tablet

If You don't have a Windows Tablet, you can purchase a usb pad and pen from us!

Alex explains our Whiteboard App on Kickstarter