1: Why don’t you have an 800 number?

We could have an 800 number, but it would mean that we would have to pass the cost on to our customers, making the Thinksmart Whiteboard not free for 1-to-1 collaboration.  We want to be able to keep this software free.

2: I get an error that says: “Cannot connect to internet” or “Error obtaining IP Address.” What do I do?

Go to your computer and open a browser.  Then try to connect to the internet by going to a webpage, like www.google.com.  If that doesn’t work, or it says “Page Cannot be displayed,” please check your internet settings.

3: Are you looking for more employees?

We are always interested in working with talented programmers and computer geeks like us!  Send your resume to info@thinksmartwhiteboard.com

4: Is this software really free?

We believe in letting everyone try out our software, so you can use our software for an entire year for free!  This is the complete, full version, with no limitations, to be used for 1-to-1 collaboration and brainstorming.  Try it today!