Who we are

Thinksmart whiteboard is a new age technology company, focusing on sustainability through our flagship software, Thinksmart Whiteboard. We strive to provide our whiteboard brainstorming solutions to common all internet-based users, whether they are local or elsewhere around the world. Now that’s smart.. Thinksmart!


Here’s Our Story

Joseph Powell, the founding entrepreneur, used to teach Math. A student came to him with a math problem, but she was actually in another country. They got on Skype, but Skype did not have any whiteboard capabilities, so there was no way to see her write her math problem down so he could see her attempt to work out the problem.

As you teachers may know, it can be very hard to tutor someone in math or science via the internet, so Joseph decided to write an App that turns your computer into a whiteboard that both people can write on simultaneously. That’s how the Thinksmart Whiteboard was born! Now, you don’t have to leave your home to get assistance with a difficult problem.

Great idea, huh?!


Our Locations

We are currently based out of Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX. We plan to expand to the west coast of the United States, and look for partners to work with us to bring this technology to users all over the world (for a fair price, of course).

If you would like to become a part of our team, please send us your resume at info@thinksmartwhiteboard.com. We’d love to hear from you!